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The Blissful Birth Hypnobirthing Programme

Blissful Birth is a downloadable hypnobirthing programme that helps you overcome your birth worries and fears so you can give birth feeling relaxed, confident and in control. Just imagine enjoying shorter and less painful labour, and having positive and empowering birth experience to remember.

The Blissful Birth Workbook

The Blissful Birth Workbook contains our core fear, worry and pain reducing birth preparation programme and is available exclusively on Amazon.

Here is some of what you will learn…

  • An astonishing 10 minute exercise that will help you go into labour feeling confident, relaxed and in-control.How to create the perfect environment for a positive birth experience, even if you are going to a hospital.
  • Step by step instructions on using self-hypnosis to relax deeply (and the number one rule you must follow when giving yourself hypnotic suggestions).
  • 4 ways you can relax completely, both physically and mentally, any time you choose (what’s more, you can use these during pregnancy as well as during labour).
  • How to take control of your emotions and instantly change your mood.
  • The power word which can help you stay in control in when giving birth (but only if used the right way) and the word to avoid at all costs in the delivery room.
  • A little known trick (discovered by a Spanish surgeon in 1972) that virtually eliminates fear and pain during labour – without using any drugs.
  • How your favourite celebrity can help you stay positive about giving birth (and not even know about it personally).
  • The three biggest worries that birth partners have (and why dealing with these before labour starts can result in an easier birth for you and your baby)
  • 8 simple questions you must ask yourself regularly during pregnancy
  • The 100 year old secret that lets you give yourself powerful hypnotic suggestions, without actually using hypnosis (plus 10 childbirth specific suggestions you can start using right away to get yourself ready for the big day).
  • 8 powerful ways to control pain in labour without drugs (some of these are so powerful that they’ve been used for medical operations where the patient is allergic to anaesthetic).
  • The secret hand gesture (used by yoga masters) that you can use during labour to create deep relaxation or confidence instantly.
  • The single most important thing you can do in early labour to put your mind at ease.
  • The single most important thing your birth partner can do when you reach the transition phase, especially if you feel “foggy”.
  • The birthing position that has been scientifically proven to be least painful (and why your midwife is almost guaranteed not to suggest it)
  • The three things to tell your midwife so she can help you have a positive and empowering birth experience.
  • 14 things to consider when writing your birth plan (and why thinking about these things before labour starts can save you a lot of stress and guilt later)
  • How using self-hypnosis can help you relax, remain calm and in control regardless of what is going on around you (you get 11 self-hypnosis suggestions you can use word-for-word and step by step instructions on how to go into self-hypnosis).
  • And much, much more…

Order your copy from Amazon, and get started right away.


Our Three Hypnobirthing MP3 Albums

Our MP3 albums are designed to support the Blissful Birth Workbook, and are recommended for best results.

Introduction to Blissful Birth Hypnobirthing (22 mins)

This track, included on all our hypnobirthing mp3 albums, will give you an introduction to self-hypnosis, and will start teaching you how to relax into self hypnosis at will.

Blissful Birth hypnobirthing mp3Learning To Relax In Self Hypnosis (22 mins)

This hypnobirthing MP3 allows you to create a private space where you can relax completely. Using this programme will help you stay relaxed during pregnancy as well as practising relaxation for labour.

Blissful Birth hypnobirthing mp3Bonding With Your Baby (22 mins)

This hypnobirthing MP3 helps you to start building that special bond with your baby, and includes visualisation to allow you to actively surround your baby with love, health and relaxation. This programme builds on the self hypnosis programme, so that you can continue to practice relaxing into self hypnosis at will.

Blissful Birth hypnobirthing mp3Birth Rehearsal (22 mins)

This hypnobirthing MP3 guides you through your relaxed and natural birth experience, allowing your mind to fully understand the way you would like your birth to be. This programme effectively removes the fear of the unknown, allowing you to go into birth feeling confident, relaxed and in control.

We use a technology called Binaural Beats which not only means our programmes are much more effective, but also means our programmes can be much shorter than traditional hypnosis cds.

These MP3 albums are available on both iTunes and Amazon. Click the button below to order from your preferred source.

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