Blissful Birth Hypnobirthing

Blissful Birth Hypnobirthing Helps You Give Birth Faster,
Feeling Relaxed, Confident And In Control…

Blissful Birth is a downloadable hypnobirthing programme which helps you overcome your fears and worries about giving birth. You’ll learn self hypnosis and techniques which will help you go into labour feeling relaxed, confident and in control.

Why does this make a difference? Well, as part of the survival instinct, your body knows how to slow down labour at times of stress and danger. This makes giving birth longer and more painful, but keeps you safe.

The problem is that it cannot tell the difference between the physical stress of encountering a wild animal and the emotional stress of expecting a long or painful labour.

Staying calm, relaxed and in control with Blissful Birth hypnobirthing means your body can just get on with the process of giving birth, so you can enjoy far less labour pain and a faster delivery.

Find out more about how our hypnobirth programme works and put it to work for YOU.

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnosis has long been used as a way of reducing pain and anxiety, and ‘hypnobirthing’ is a generic term used in the UK to refer to any use of hypnosis for childbirth.

Blissful Birth, like most hypnobirthing methods, is based on the philosophy that fear and anxiety interfere with giving birth, causing longer labour and more pain.

This philosophy came out of the work of British obstetrician, Dr Grantly Dick-Read (1890–1959), in his 1933 book “Childbirth Without Fear”. Dr Dick-Read was the first president of the National Childbirth Trust here in the UK.

Although most jurisdictions legally recognise the use of the word hypnobirthing as a generic term, this hasn’t stopped a number of companies around the world from registering trademarks which include this generic term.

So, when you hear someone talk about having used ‘hypnobirthing’ to give birth, it doesn’t tell you which method of hypnobirthing they have used…

Why choose Blissful Birth hypnobirthing?

We’re not going to knock the other hypnobirthing programmes out there, because they also work, and they have a lot of supporters worldwide.

But here are some reasons why you might choose Blissful Birth instead of one of the others:

  • Blissful Birth is based on modern cognitive approaches to hypnotherapy which are scientifically proven to work even better than traditional approaches.
  • You can learn our techniques in the comfort of home, whenever it suits YOU!
  • You can download our programme and get started within 5 minutes of ordering!
  • Blissful Birth is a fraction of the cost of attending an alternative hypnobirthing class
  • Ordering is via Amazon or iTunes so your purchase is convenient and secure

Find out more and order the Blissful Birth hypnobirthing programme here.