Antenatal Classes Making You Fear Giving Birth?

Find Out How Blissful Birth Helps You Give Birth Faster, Reduce Labor Pain, And Stay Relaxed, Confident And In Control

antenatal classes

Most antenatal classes are great at helping you understand what happens when you give birth. The problem is that antenatal classes usually approach giving birth from a medical perspective, and they usually train mothers to expect the worst.

You know, the kind of birth experience you see on the television and in the movies.

The result is that 80% of women approach their due date with worry or fear. This creates a vicious cycle, because fear and worry creates stress and tension, which causes labor pain and slows down labor. And pain in turn creates more fear…

You see, it makes no sense from a survival point of view to give birth if you are in imminent danger, so your body naturally slows things down if your stress levels get too high.

The problem is that your body can’t easily tell the difference between the physical stress of, say, encountering a wild animal and the emotional stress of expecting a long or painful labor.

So, you might say that many antenatal classes actually train people to have a dreadful birth experience!

It doesn’t have to be that way. You see, what your antenatal classes don’t teach you is how to avoid all the fear. if you can stay calm and relaxed, your body can just get on with the job of giving birth.

The Blissful Birth programme is a downloadable hypnobirthing class that teaches self hypnosis and relaxation to help you deal with any childbirth worries and fears so you can give birth feeling relaxed, confident and in control.

It undoes the fear created by other antenatal classes and helps women enjoy shorter and less painful labor.

In short, it makes childbirth a more positive and natural experience, and is a perfect compliment to regular antenatal classes.

Find out how this proven birth programme works and put it to work for YOU.