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Our Downloadable Birth Programme Helps You Reduce Labour Pain, Speed Up Labour, And Stay Relaxed, Confident And In Control

Discover Our Proven Birth Programme And How It Is Different From Anything You’ve Ever Seen.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to make giving birth an empowering experience in your life rather than a horror story, then read on…

But before I explain exactly what’s covered in the Blissful Birth programme and how it can transform your birth experience, let me tell you what it is NOT…

This is NOT just about hypnosis:

Of course, self hypnosis is a safe, natural and wonderful tool which can help you enormously in your birth preparation, and there are a number of traditional hypnosis for birthing approaches on the market, which are very effective for many women.

Blissful Birth is different in that it combines the most effective techniques from traditional hypnosis with techniques from modern cognitive therapy, positive psychology and neuroscience.

And because it is based on the latest scientific understanding of our minds work, there’s none of that old wacky or mystical stuff that some of the hypnosis programmes out there still focus on.

So Blissful Birth is even suitable for people who are sceptical about hypnosis.

This is NOT just about childbirth education:

There is plenty of great birth information freely available on the web, so we haven’t padded out our programme with tons of stuff you can get elsewhere.

So whilst there may be some information that you may have heard before, I can guarantee there is a fair portion you will not have seen or heard anywhere.

What’s more, the things we teach don’t just apply to childbirth.

The many techniques that we teach will also be useful in other parts of your life where you may experience nerves, tension, stress or fear.

So birth partners will find our programme useful too.

This is NOT just an ebook product:

As well as being able to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home with our step by step workbook, we also give you three MP3 recordings to help you focus and prepare your mind for giving birth.

Just imagine how satisfied you’ll feel knowing that you have taken control of your birth experience and knowing that you achieved this for yourself!

Here is what you will receive when you download the Blissful Birth Programme.

1) The Blissful Birth Workbook

The Blissful Birth Workbook contains our core fear, worry and pain reducing birth preparation programme. Here is some of what you will learn…

  • How your beliefs can affect your birth experience and what to do about them.
  • How to take back control of how you feel, regardless of the situation.
  • The key to moving from pain to power.
  • Why some people hold onto their fears (and how you can avoid this).
  • How your favourite celebrity could help you prepare for giving birth!
  • The secret to achieving great results in childbirth (and even your whole life.)
  • How to ensure your birth partner makes your birth easier, not harder.
  • The truth about self hypnosis and how you can safely use it to prepare for labour.
  • The single most effective way to give yourself suggestions (as well as how to avoid the biggest mistakes people make when giving themselves suggestions.)
  • 4 ways you can relax completely, both physically and mentally, any time you choose.
  • How to give yourself effective suggestions without going into hypnosis.
  • 8 powerful techniques to reduce (or even eliminate) pain.
  • How to take control of your emotions and instantly change your mood.
  • How to create a birth plan that creates the perfect environment for a positive birth experience, even if you are going to a hospital.
  • How the words you use can help or hinder your birth (and the word to avoid at all costs in the delivery room).
  • Discover the power word which can help you stay in control in when giving birth (but only if used the right way).
  • How you can use Blissful Birth techniques at each stage of labour.

The Workbook comes with separate exercise templates, so you can do the various birth preparation exercises as many times as you like, and examples of completed exercises, so you can quickly get the idea of what the exercises are all about.

You’ll also get:

2) Three Self Hypnosis MP3 Recordings

Recording 1: Relax In Self Hypnosis (19 mins)

This MP3 programme allows you to create a private space where you can relax completely. Using this programme will help you stay relaxed during pregnancy as well as practising relaxation for labour.

Recording 2: Bonding With Your Baby (22 mins)

This MP3 programme helps you to start building that special bond with your baby, and includes visualisation to allow you to actively surround your baby with love, health and relaxation. This programme builds on the self hypnosis programme, so that you can continue to practice relaxing into self hypnosis at will.

Recording 3: Birth Rehearsal (22 mins)

This MP3 programme guides you through your natural and relaxed birth experience, allowing your mind to fully understand the way you would like your birth to be. This programme effectively removes the fear of the unknown, allowing you to go into birth feeling confident, relaxed and in control.

Binaural Beat Technology For Faster Results

This technology, included in all our MP3 programmes, not only helps make them so much more effective, but also means they can be much shorter than traditional hypnosis cds, making them much more convenient to listen to each day.

Blissful Birth Programme
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Disclaimer: Please do not buy this if you think it’ll automatically make you feel confident about giving birth just because you bought it. You have to do the exercises and practice the techniques to succeed. The sooner you start and the more you practice, the more you will benefit from the Blissful Birth programme.