Blissful Birth Hypnobirthing book now on Kindle

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Heidi Woodgate

2023 update: We no longer offer our program via 3rd party sites. Order here.

With the world totally focussed on the news that the Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labour today, it’s probably the worst ‘media day’ to announce that we’ve made our Blissful Birth hypnobirthing book available worldwide in Kindle format via Amazon.

But then, I thought it would be fitting, especially as it is thanks to the Duchess that more and more women worldwide are looking into Blissful Birth hypnobirthing for the birth of their own children.

This is a historic moment, because the recent changes to the laws of Royal succession mean that Kate and William’s child with be 3rd in line to the throne, regardless of gender.

Not only that, but with the world’s media waiting outside the hospital, it will be an extreme test of how well the Duchess can stay calm, relaxed and focussed.

So if you are expecting, why not download our book to your Kindle and have a read whilst we await the arrival of the new prince or princess of Wales.

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