Giving birth is a woman’s greatest fear

ContraccionesEarlier this year, the Telegraph, in conjunction with Bounty and MORI, conducted a poll of 900 women to find out their greatest concern before starting a family.

Whilst an understandable 35 per cent of mothers said the health of the child had been their greatest concern, a further 35% said that giving birth was their greatest fear.

Even more interestingly, fears about giving birth rose to 41 per cent among women with more than one child.

But is it any wonder? It seems as soon as you get pregnant there is an endless stream of women queueing up to tell you their horror story (or someone else’s!) – and watching an episode of ‘One Born Every Minute’ is enough to scare the life out of any woman.

And if you’ve had one difficult experience, it makes sense you’d be nervous of it all happening again, right?

Add the fact that fears about giving birth cause stress which actually slows down labour, and the vicious cycle of fear goes around and around.

It doesn’t need to be like this though, even if you had a bad experience last time.

Think about this… in the same way that having a great experience doesn’t guarantee the same next time, neither does a bad experience guarantee another bad experience.

Blissful Birth can teach you how to overcome your fears about giving birth so you can break the cycle and have the best possible experience.

Click on the picture above to get a sneak peak inside the Blissful Birth workbook, which is at the heart of the Blissful Birth programme.

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