At Last, A Way To Give Birth Feeling Relaxed And Comfortable… Without An Epidural

Research shows that the use of an epidural increases the length of labor, and ventouse and forceps deliveries by 40%.

Not to mention the other potential side effects, from the fairly common Post Dural Puncture Headache (1 in 30 cases), to more serious but less common issues such as nerve damage, seizures and breathing difficulties.

And, according to ThinkBaby expert, Doctor Sarah Jarvis, GP, epidurals can also lower your blood pressure, which can cause distress to your baby.

There is another way…

You see, labor pain is mostly the result of fear and tension in the body.

That’s because as part of the survival instinct, your body knows how to delay giving birth at times of danger. The problem is that it cannot easily tell the difference between fear and stress caused by encountering a wild animal, for example, and fear and stress from expecting a long, difficult or painful birth experience.

Blissful Birth helps you overcome fears and worries about giving birth and teaches birth relaxation and self hypnosis which helps you go into labor feeling relaxed, confident and in control – in other words, in the right frame of mind to give birth.

And that means your body can just get on with the process of giving birth, so you can enjoy less labor pain and a faster delivery.

Find out how this proven birth programme works and put it to work for YOU.