And The Winners Are…

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Heidi Woodgate

We had a really tough time choosing the winners of our competition. People entered from all over the world – from Alaska to Australia – and with every possible reason for wanting our programme.

There were first-time mums, women planning their last baby, women planning to get pregnant, women due any day now, midwives and doulas wanting to better help their clients, people wanting to help pregnant friends or family members and more.

As we went through all the entries and read why so many people want our programme, we were really touched.

But at the same time, we came to the realisation that we made a mistake in setting that competition question, because to choose winners would be like saying one person’s need was greater than someone else’s.

So, we decided… to make everyone who entered a winner.

(I can just imagine our accountant choking on his coffee right about now…)

Winners will shortly receive an email with the details you need to download our programme. If you entered, but don’t get an email within the next 24 hours, please contact us.

We hope that all you winners will enjoy using our programme and we look forward to hearing back from you with your experiences and birth stories. And if our programme helps you, please “pay it forward” by telling others about us too.

Your feedback and personal recommendations help us spread the Blissful Birth message faster so that we can help even more women give birth feeling confident, relaxed and in control.

Bye for now,

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1 thought on “And The Winners Are…”

  1. Dear Heidi and Rob,

    thanks so much for this great and generous decision! I just downloaded my “prize” and listened to the first of the mp3s. Tomorrow I will print the workbook and start reading it.
    This gives me the opportunity to start preparing for my birth experience and for so much more as I think I will still profit from self-hypnosis long after birth!
    Hope this helps me in having the wished home birth without any complications and in peace and quiet.
    Thanks so much again,

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