Demand the true original

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Heidi Woodgate

We have found out that a number of other hypnotists have recently released products also entitled “Blissful Birth”, including an audio programme released by Glenn Harold in September 2007 and a book by Julia Wilson in 2008. The dotcom version of our domain name has also recently gone from being parked to a website in progress.

These programmes and websites are not affiliated with us in any way, nor do they cover our stuff. The only place to get the original Blissful Birth programme is here, from us, at

Blissful Birth. Created 2005. Established online in 2006.

2 thoughts on “Demand the true original”

  1. Hej Heidi,

    just a comment on the morning sickness – only two out of three women experience it at all. My mother didn’t and my sisters didn’t but I did.
    So I don’t know if this is really a positive sign of hypnotherapy or just you being one of those lucky women.
    I really believe in hypnotherapy but if you never had morning sickness, it’s not such a big deal than if you had and would not have it for the next pregnancy…
    Just a thought as you talk about it several times and I feel it’s a bit too easy here.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for posting your comment – you have raised an important point.

    It’s true that some women don’t experience morning sickness at all, so I would agree it is not a definitive sign of successful hypnotherapy (in the same way that *having* morning sickness would not indicate hypnotherapy wasn’t working). Morning sickness can also disappear naturally as pregnancy progresses.

    I mention it because in our programme, as part of our cognitive approach we cover expectations and self sabotage (which is where a person may subconsciously find positive benefit from a difficulty).

    In the case of morning sickness, I believe that some people who might otherwise be in the ‘no morning sickness’ club may experience it because *they expect to* or because their mind sees a benefit to having it (e.g. attention, sympathy, validation of beliefs etc).

    And whilst we don’t have a section to specifically eliminate morning sickness in our programme, it does seem that addressing these expectations and eliminating potential self sabotage swings the balance back closer to 50/50.


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