Rebecca’s birth story – Lose the Fear

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Heidi Woodgate

Rebecca came to one of our group classes to help her prepare for the birth of her second child. She was especially anxious and fearful about something going wrong in labour.

I’m sharing this case study because it shows how each person who uses the Blissful Birth approach finds one or more techniques which best suits their needs and they find particularly helpful, making their birth a more positive (and often faster) experience.

In this case, pain management was a way lower priority to Rebecca than losing the anxiety and feeling comfortable and in control.

Anyway, enough of me talking – here is what she had to say:

From: Rebecca
To: Heidi Woodgate
Subject: Re: Blissful Birth Enquiry

Hello Heidi,

Jack and I attended your Blissful Birth class in November last year and I just wanted to say thank you to you and your husband for the help you gave me to give birth to our son at the end of December.

You may recall I was very anxious about the birth of our 2nd child but it went really well and was extremely fast so I didn’t have any time to really worry. I think the main thing that helped me from the hypnotherapy was releasing fear in advance of the birth. It helped me get rid of a lot of negative expectations and images which meant that I was able to feel more positive about the birth. It was such a relief to have some of the weight lifted of my shoulders before he was born.

Personally, I did not experience the ‘removal or reduction of pain’ feelings that we were taught. It definitely felt like pain rather than discomfort but to be honest this was never an area I was too worried about so I did not focus too much practise on ‘turning down the pain’ e.g. the glove or dimmer switch technique. This may be because as long as I’m mobile I’m not too bothered about feeling pain. What did help me more during the labour was the smell association with being calm and well being. When I had the big contractions I would smell my band and it would just give me something warm to experience that smelt comforting.

Anyway, as I said before, I just wanted to say thank you and wish you well in your future courses as I am sure they will help many other mothers and fathers.


We are hoping to do an audio call shortly with another one of our clients who has used Blissful Birth for both her children, and who has now just got a copy of the ‘home study’ version ready to prepare for her third!

We just need to find a time when we both have the same half an hour of peace and quiet – and with four kids between us, that is no small task, I can assure you.

Speak soon,

Ps. Please comment below & tell me what you think.

Please note: Names were changed to protect the confidentiality of the client.

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