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Heidi Woodgate

Since giving birth to our second son, Rob and I have changed our website around so that we can meet the increasing demand of our family as well as for the Blissful Birth programme worldwide.

We now offer the Blissful Birth programme for immediate download, and it is backed by a cast iron 60 day money back guarantee.

You can find out about the creation of the Blissful Birth programme and the birth of my own two boys in my birth story. But be warned – this story gets ugly!

Please take a moment to leave a comment with any questions or just to say hi!

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to Blissful Birth!”

  1. Hi – congratulations to you and Rob on your new arrival, and thanks for the mp3.

    Lizzie (32 weeks)

  2. Hi Heidi,

    Great birth story – I hope mine is as quick.
    Is that Rob’s voice on the MP3? Love the accent!


  3. Hi Heidi,

    The programme sounds great – when does it reopen?
    I am 37 weeks, is this going to be too late for me?


  4. @Lizzie – you are welcome 🙂
    Please let me know how you enjoy using it.

    @Krista – Yes, Rob does the techie recording stuff. I love listening to his voice too – though that’s not the only reason I married him!

    @TJ – We are currently relaunching the programme in a format you can download and use at home. This has meant rewriting chunks of our class manual to cover stuff we would normally have done in class. Although we haven’t announced a firm relaunch date yet (having two boys under two has slowed things down quite a bit), we are hoping to be ready by Easter weekend.

  5. I downloaded the Blissful Birth self hypnosis mp3 and it was sooo relaxing. I definately think it will help during labor. I’m due May 31st and will try to post back after my daughter is born. Thank you BB!!

  6. we are a happily married couple who have had a few journeys through surrogacy,but after all failed we are now going to look into adoption, good luck to all you wonderful ladys who are having there baby the natural way, all our love xx

  7. I had my baby and I had a great birth. I am a midwife and this was my third birth. I used hypnobirthing with the last 2. I love your CDs. Thanks so much. I will definately send my clients to your slite.
    I would like to read your book at some point
    thanks again

  8. Thanx for your help. I’ve just download my purchased program. Soon after my delivery I’ll write back to you for my comment. So far I really like the free mp3 that u gave me before. I found it very relaxing. Thanx.

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