Under the knife with hypnosis

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Not birth related, but hats off to Bernadine Coady, who used self hypnosis to control the pain whilst having knee surgery.

She told surgeon Ahmed Shair of the private Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital in Cambridgeshire that she could feel only tugging and pulling. She said “I was just telling the surgeon, I felt uncomfortable as I had too many pillows! My positioning gave me more problems than the knee!”

“I didn’t feel any pain” said the 67-year-old from Cambridgeshire. “I imagine two blocks of ice on my knee to freeze it and spray the top of my knee and that’s all my preparation.”

You can see the BBC news report and video here.

What a shining example of the power of self hypnosis. Rob has written more about this on our cognitive hypnotherapy blog, but just think, if she can use self hypnosis to make a major operation pain free, how useful would it be if you could use it even a fraction as well as Bernadine did while you are giving birth?

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  1. The doctor who gives self-hypnosis courses as birth preparation at the hospital in my hometown in Germany got a tooth implant without anaesthesia, just in self-hypnosis – very impressive and a good example that it really works.
    I just burned my finger and listened to the mp3 afterwards – it got really better 🙂

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