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Beat The Credit Crunch

In the last week, the US Federal government has bailed out two key mortgage institutions, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank has filed for bankruptcy; Meryl Lynch has been sold off to Bank of America, and stock markets around the world have been plummeting. And on the news there are comparisons to the Great Depression of 1929.

Now, I’m no financial expert, but it looks like tough times are ahead… and we already know how financially stretching it can be when you are preparing to give birth (even when times are good!)

So, we’ve decided to do our bit to help out by bringing back our popular ‘Pay What You Like’ promotion.

Yes, that’s right – we’ve listed our regular selling prices as a guide, but it really is up to you to decide what you can afford to pay for our Self Hypnosis for Childbirth MP3 programme and our Standard Self Hypnosis and Relaxation Birth Programme.

We’ll try keep this promotion running as long as we can, but reserve the right to withdraw it at any time without notice, so please order asap.

You can pay whatever you can afford, from one penny to full price (or more if you are feeling particularly flush – we won’t mind!)

Oh, and of course you still get our unconditional 60 day money back guarantee too.

Bye for now,

Ps – You really can just pay whatever you can afford, because we would rather that you get benefit from the programme and then tell all your friends than miss out because things are tough right now. So choose the programme that is right for you and order now.

[Edit: Sorry, this promotion has now ended!]

UK maternity units ‘turn women away’

I came across an article in the Independent which reports that many English hospitals had to turn away women in labour last year because they were full.

The BBC reports that of the 70 per cent of hospital trusts that provided data, more than 40 per cent said they had been forced to shut their doors or divert women to other sites at least once.

One in 10 said it happened more than 10 times…

“It is difficult to precisely predict when a mother will go into labour and sometimes, at times of peak demand, maternity units do temporarily divert women to nearby facilities,” a Department of Health spokesman told the BBC.

“When this does happen it is often only for a few hours and to ensure mother and baby can receive the best care possible.”

For me, this is an important reminder that many things in the process of giving birth are just outside of your control – and the only thing you do have choice over is how you respond to the situation.

As Blissful Birth mothers know, our programme helps you relax and mentally prepare for birth, so that if these unexpected things happen, you are better able to cope and remain in control.

Bye for now,

Ps – If you have a comment or story to share, please post it below.

Pay What You Want For Blissful Birth

I can hardly believe that our eldest son is 2 this month, which means that Blissful Birth is fast approaching 3 years old.

To celebrate, we have decided to ‘do a Radiohead’ – in other words, from now until the end of June, you can pay what you want for our programmes.

Yes, that’s right – we’ve listed our regular selling prices as a guide, but it really is up to you to decide what our programme is worth to you.

But hurry, because we only have 50 copies of our Deluxe home study programme available this month. After that, you will only be able to get the Standard programme or Self Hypnosis MP3.

Find out more about our Blissful Birth programmes here.

Bye for now,

Ps – Full programme goes back on public sale at 18:00 GMT on 20th June 2008…

[Edit: Sorry, this promotion has now ended!]

And The Winners Are…

We had a really tough time choosing the winners of our competition. People entered from all over the world – from Alaska to Australia – and with every possible reason for wanting our programme.

There were first-time mums, women planning their last baby, women planning to get pregnant, women due any day now, midwives and doulas wanting to better help their clients, people wanting to help pregnant friends or family members and more.

As we went through all the entries and read why so many people want our programme, we were really touched.

But at the same time, we came to the realisation that we made a mistake in setting that competition question, because to choose winners would be like saying one person’s need was greater than someone else’s.

So, we decided… to make everyone who entered a winner.

(I can just imagine our accountant choking on his coffee right about now…)

Winners will shortly receive an email with the details you need to download our programme. If you entered, but don’t get an email within the next 24 hours, please contact us.

We hope that all you winners will enjoy using our programme and we look forward to hearing back from you with your experiences and birth stories. And if our programme helps you, please “pay it forward” by telling others about us too.

Your feedback and personal recommendations help us spread the Blissful Birth message faster so that we can help even more women give birth feeling confident, relaxed and in control.

Bye for now,

Ps – Please leave us a comment below.

Good news, Bad news, Great news

The good news is that in response to client feedback, we have re-introduced our self hypnosis for childbirth MP3 programme so that people can purchase it separately again. We have also created a ‘standard’ version of our programme which comes without any support. Take a look at our products page for more info on the different ways to get Blissful Birth.

The bad news is that our introductory pricing is coming to an end. Sorry folks, but if you were thinking of getting the programme and want to lock in our introductory pricing, you need to act quickly. We are going to going to revert to regular prices once we have sold 50 more copies of our programme or on 31st May, whichever comes sooner.

The great news is that we are running a competition at the moment and are giving away a copy of our full home study programme to 5 lucky winners. Even better, if you have already purchased our deluxe home study programme and you turn out to be a winner, we’ll refund your money as your prize instead. Competition also ends 31st May, and you can enter here.

Bye for now,

Win a copy of the Blissful Birth programme

We have 5 copies of our full birth preparation programme to give away. To be in with a chance to win a free copy of the Blissful Birth programme, please go to.


Competition closes 31st May 2008.

Good Luck

Ps – You can still enter even if you purchase the programme during this competition. If you are a winner, we’ll just refund your money!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy found most effective

Scientific research has consistently found that cognitive and behavioural approaches, and hypnotherapy, work better than other forms of therapy. New research confirms that used together, they are the most effective.

Research by Smith et al (1980), who conducted a meta analysis of 475 controlled studies employing tens of thousands of participants, measured the “effect size” of different types of psychotherapy, and found that only four categories performed better than the average of all therapies. Specifically,

“Cognitive, cognitive behavioural therapies, hypnotherapy, and systematic desensitisation appeared most effective.” (Smith et al., 1980: 124).

Efficacy of Different Modalities of Psychotherapy
(Smith et al.)

1. “Other cognitive therapies.”
(Including Cognitive Hypnotherapy, d=2.38)

2. Hypnotherapy.
(Mainly of a psychodynamic nature, d=1.82)

3. Cognitive-behavioural therapy.

4. Systematic desensitisation.
(Which often employed hypnotic induction, d=1.05)

Comparison of Effect Size Graph

It appears that the use of hypnotherapy creates a “synergistic” effect when combined with cognitive-behavioural therapy.

This conclusion has been supported by the multi-factorial, controlled studies of Donald Tosi and his colleagues, which established the benefits of Cognitive Hypnotherapy over either traditional hypnotherapy or CBT alone for a range of conditions.

Similarly, an influential meta-analysis of 18 controlled studies, using 577 subjects, published by Irvine Kirsch proved that 70% of CBT clients experienced more improvement when CBT was combined with hypnosis (i.e. Cognitive Hypnotherapy).

As experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapists ourselves, it is great to see the approach we use being scientifically validated (and proven most effective!).

And, of course, the Blissful Birth programme is firmly based on the principles of Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Well, what else would you expect!

Bye for now,

We’re on facebook too

We finally got with the technology and took the plunge on facebook.

You can visit our shiny brand new, just out of the bubble wrap Blissful Birth facebook page here:

You can also get to it by clicking the facebook logo on our blog.

If you are a facebooker, please stop by and say hi by adding yourself as a fan and leaving a comment on our wall or discussion board.

Take care,

Ps – I’m not sure facebooker is an official term. I may have just made it up!

Demand the true original

We have found out that a number of other hypnotists have recently released products also entitled “Blissful Birth”, including an audio programme released by Glenn Harold in September 2007 and a book by Julia Wilson in 2008. The dotcom version of our domain name has also recently gone from being parked to a website in progress.

These programmes and websites are not affiliated with us in any way, nor do they cover our stuff. The only place to get the original Blissful Birth programme is here, from us, at www.blissfulbirth.co.uk.

Blissful Birth. Created 2005. Established online in 2006.